Blue Ridge Mountains

Completed Airports Work-in-Progress Airports
  1. HLX - Twin County
  2. 0VG - Lee County
  3. GDY - Grundy Municipal
JFZ - Tazewell County
Upcoming Airports Series Capstone Airport
JFZ - Tazewell County
LNP - Lonesome Pine
MKJ - Mountain Empire
VJI - Virginia Highlands
PSK - New River Valley
MTV - Blue Ridge

What's going on?

Six short years ago in August of 2011, The Airport Guys opened for business. Throughout our company's history, we have worked tirelessly to bring affordable, quality scenery to flight simulation, with a heavy focus on the oft-overlooked areas from which both of The Airport Guys grew up - the Carolinas and Virginia. Through the years, we have continually refined and improved our craft. We have a deep passion for creating the typically overlooked public-use general aviation airports that are the true backbone of general aviation in the United States. After all these years of ups and downs, we are ready to start fresh with a new business model - based on combining this passion with our newly refined design skills that makes development quicker, more sustainable, and more replicable.

Why make the Blue Ridge General Aviation Series?

From day one here at The Airport Guys, we had always dreamed of releasing general aviation "packs" which included 5-10 general aviation airports within the same geographical area, to make airport hopping enjoyable. Unfortunately, it simply takes too long to produce and perfect that many airports if the work is not focused. Our lack of products in recent years is partially due to this. While this is still our general intent, we have a new vision. Rather than packs, we will be releasing a "series" of general aviation airports. We will begin with the Blue Ridge Mountains Series.

So, what exactly is it?

All airports will be released independently and will not require a base package or other airports to work properly. Each airport will be represented with the high quality and real-life accuracy that you expect from us and we expect from ourselves. Custom terrain will be included for the immediate vicinity of each airport and in the entire region where practical. Many structures near and around the airports will be included as well, to provide a realistic experience. Perhaps most importantly, these airports will be natively compatible with FSX and Prepar3D v4.

But what is special about that?

What separates this product line apart from anything else in the flight simulation industry is the cost-to-value relationship. Each airport will be priced at a modest $5. That's it. Just $5. You'll be able to have up to 9 high-quality general aviation airports - for flights possible as short as 25nm and as long as 150nm - with high-resolution terrain mesh (where available) for a maximum of $45. We challenge anybody to find other airports of our quality for a price this low.

How is this model more customer friendly?

  • Development time will be cut down significantly. Most of the airports within this and future series already have moderate to significant portions complete.
  • No base package must be purchased to enable airports to work. Each airport is completely standalone. This means the customer doesn't have to spend big money on a different product just so they can purchase an airport.
  • All purchases will include installers for both FSX and P3D.